Coroner Inquests Collection

The Coroner Inquests Collection consists of 9,300 reports of corner inquests from 1891 to 1932. Coroner inquests were made to establish a cause of death. Each inquest record includes basic information about the subject of the inquest (name, age, country of birth, and residence at time of death), date of death, and the cause of death established by the inquest. Additional remarks or notes also are sometimes present.

You may search the coroner inquests collection using the index below. Each index entry includes the name of the deceased, his or her birthplace, age, residence at death, date of death, and volume and page location. The Corner Registers, which contain the inquest reports, are available at the County Archives. Additional information about any inquest also may be obtained by contacting the Archives by e-mail or phone.

To find a coroner inquest, type search criteria in the text box and press ENTER or click SEARCH. If the number of responses fills more than one page, use the drop box in the middle of the screen to select the specific page you would like to view. To limit your search results, enter multiple search criteria (e.g. holt 1906).

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